Welcome to the Stakes Up Season 3 Trivia!

Hello, and welcome to the trivia! Just simply copy and paste and answer the questions. And Voila! You can e-mail me with your answers here. If you get 35 or more you win the Season 3 Trivia award! Good Luck!

1) In the episode 'The Wish', what object granted Cordelia's wish?

2) What Vampire is so old, that his hands are actually hooves?

3) What was the name of the dead-zombie cat? *hint* Oz named it.

4) What impression did Buffy want to show Ken?

5) In what full episode did Angel come back in?

6) ______ whore! Buffy said that to Cordelia.

7) Who did the Mayor of Sunnydale form an alliance with?

8) Who wanted a tea cozy?

9) Jenny Calendar's ghost came back to haunt someone. Who did it haunt?

10) What episode did Spike come back in?

11) According to Cordelia, who is known as the 'Zeppo'?

12) What episode did Scott dump Buffy in?

13) Who was used as bait to slay the Vampires?

14) Where did the zombie mask come from?

15) In what episode was Giles called 'Mr. Belvedere'?

16) When does Faith find out that Oz is a werewolf?

17) What episode does Mr. Trick die in?

18) In what episode did the Mayor's personal assistant die in?

19) In what two episodes had Willlow as a Vampire?

20) In what episode did Principal Snyder tell Oz that he had cool hair?

21) Who killed Faith's Watcher?

22) In 'Lovers Walk' Cordy sustained an injury what was it?

23) Whose "wife" died in Slayer Fest '98?

24) In what episode did the Scooby Gang found out that Angel was back in Sunnydale?

25) Xander, Cordy, Oz, and Willow had to clean "Kiss Rocks!!" off all of the lockers. What episode was that?

26) When was 'Moo' established?

27) In what episode did we learn about the Harbingers, and the First Evil?

28) When did Faith and Buffy trun into real-bad-asses?

29) In Helpless, Buffy learned something very shocking and disturbing. What was it?

30) What is the new Watcher's name?

31) Who has a crush on him?

32) In what episode did Faith and Xander sleep together?

33) Who organized Slayer Fest '98?

34) What is Xander and Willow's little secret?

35) What disease did Spike want to give Angel?

36) When did Mr. Trick die?

37) Who ate Principal Snyder at the Mayor's Ascension?

38) Who was Xander's date to the Prom?

39) the ep. Gingerbread was about two young children who died. It was based on a famous fairytale. What was the famous fairytale.

40) What was the name of the female-pyscho Watcher, in Revelations?

41) In what episode was Willow and Xander Vampire's in?

42) Who is Love's Bitch?

43) Which two Slayer's officially quit the council?

44) What did the Mayor have to eat before his Ascension?

45) Who wanted Xander to go with her to some far away place, so that they don't die during the Mayor's Ascension?

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