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Hello, and welcome to the trivia! Just simply copy and paste and answer the questions. And Voila! You can e-mail me with your answers here. When you are e-mailing me with your answers just put down the letter you chose for the question. Example.
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1) What is Buffys' dad's name?
a) Harry.
b) Hank.
c) Haunchkins.
d) Husni.
e) Herbert.

2) In Becoming Part Two, what color is Drucilla's nails?
a) Red with white tips.
b) Pink with sparkles.
c) Blue with diamonds on it.
d) Purple with hint of blue in it.
e) Black with white tips.

3) According to Oz, which animal cracker has a French accent, and wears pants?
a) the Cow.
b) the Hippo.
c) the Monkey.
d) the Dog.
e) the Chicken.

4) In the episode 'Lie To Me' who said this? "I'd suggest a box of Oreos dunked in apple juice, but maybe she's over that phase"?
a) Billy Fordham (Ford).
b) Xander.
c) Angel.
d) Ms. Calendar.
e) Principal Snyder.

5) In the episode, 'Some Assembly Required' whose face was chosen for Darryl's "ideal" woman?
a) Buffy.
b) Xander.
c) Harmony.
d) Cordelia.
e) Aura.

6) In Becoming Part One, when we first saw Buffy at her old school; Hemery. She was sucking on a lollipop, what color was it?
a) Blue.
b) Orange.
c) White with other colors on it.
d) Red.
e) Yellow.

7) When did Xander and Cordelia FIRST kiss?
a) Inca Mummy Girl.
b) Bad Eggs.
c) Ted.
d) Phases.
e) What's My Line Part Two.

8) How did the Annointed One(Collin) die?
a) Buffy slayed him.
b) Spike put him in a cage and he burst into ash, due to the exposure from the sun.
c) Drucilla slashed his throat.
d) He was be-headed.
e) You mean there was an Annointed One?

9) In the episode 'Inca Mummy Girl', what did Willow dress up as at the dance?
a) a Cowgirl.
b) Xena Warrior Princess.
c) a Gypsy.
d) an Eskimo (inuit) woman.
e) a Japanese woman.

10) What was the Girl's name who was running away from the rich, snobby, Frat boys, in 'Reptile Boy'?
a) Callie Megan Anderson.
b) Pamela Anderson.
c) Kelly Anderson.
d) Stephanie Anderson.
e) Callia Anderson.

11) In 'Go Fish' how did the fat, red-headed nurse die?
a) By a Vampire.
b) By the sea monsters.
c) By Angel.
d) Natural causes.
e) She choked on a ham sandwich.

12) What was the werewolf hunter's name in 'Phases'?
a) Conrad.
b) Mark.
c) Kevin.
d) Cain.
e) Jake.

13) In 'Killed By Death', what does Buffy admit she does?
a) Still wets the bed.
b) Doesn't wash behind her ears.
c) Slays Vampires.
d) Still burns down schools.
e) She snores.

14) Who saved Ms. Calendars' life in 'The Dark Age'?
a) Buffy.
b) Willow.
c) Giles.
d) Xander.
e) Angel.

15) No weapon forged can kill this demon, who is it?
a) The Master.
b) Acathla.
c) Moloch.
d) Ted.
e) The Judge.

16) Before the Gorge Brother's became Vampires, what did they do?
a) Killed the Czar Nicholas, and his entire family.
b) Massacred an entire Mexican village.
c) Scalped an entire Japanese village.
d) Burned down a village in Chile.
e) Nothing, they're complete wussies!

17) What religion is Willow's egg, in 'Bad Eggs.'?
a) Catholic.
b) Buddahist.
c) Christian.
d) Jewish.
e) Mormon.

18) Who helped Xander cast the spell on Cordelia, in 'Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered'?
a) Amy.
b) Diane.
c) Aura.
d) Hecate.
e) Ms. Calendar.

19) In 'Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered', Xander bought Cordy a present. What was it?
a) a heart bracelet.
b) a faux diamond necklace.
c) a silver, heart necklace.
d) a gold, star necklace.
e) a gold, heart necklace.

20) How did Oz turn into a werewolf?
a) Larry the school, gay bully bit him.
b) His neice Sal bit him.
c) He touched werewolf droppings.
d) His litttle cousin Jordy bit him.
e) What do you mean Oz is a werewolf? Since when?!?

21) In Becoming Part Two, how could the portal to hell be closed?
a) If Angel died.
b) With the 'special' sword.
c) With Angel's blood.
d) With Angel's whole entire body.
e) With Buffy's blood.

22) How was Alcathla's tomb first found?
a) Angel and the other Vamps dug it up.
b) There was an earthquake that made it surface.
c) It was dug up by contractors, and home builders.
d) Giles recovered it.
e) It was on sale at a Musuem for a handsome price.

23) In 'Go Fish' who was the third, champion swimmer?
a) Cameron.
b) Mike.
c) Xander.
d) Ryan.
e) Gage.

24) What color is the swim teams speedos?
a) burgandy.
b) pink.
c) blue.
d) green.
e) red.

25) What was the little's boy name, who told Buffy about the monster (Der Kinderstod) in 'Killed By Death'.
a) Kevin.
b) Ryan.
c) Robbie.
d) Matthew.
e) James.

26) How did Der Kinderstod in 'Killed By Death' kill his victims?
a) He would stab you to death.
b) He would bite your neck.
c) He would strangle you.
d) He would literally suck the life right out of you.
e) He would eat your flesh.

27) What is the name of Giles' old friend who put a curse on all of the Halloween costumes brought from his store?
a) Erwin.
b) Eddie.
c) Edwin.
d) Ernie.
e) Ethan.

28) In 'Halloween' Xander turned into a(n)______?
a) Army soldier.
b) Huge, giant bug.
c) Postman.
d) Police man.
e) Vampire.

29) In the episode 'Ted', Ted worked as a_____?
a) Computer Maker.
b) Professional chef.
c) Computer salesperson.
d) Male Maid.
e) Computer repair man.

30) What happened to Cordelia in 'I Only Have Eyes For You'?
a) A bee stung her.
b) A snake bit her on her cheek.
c) She was possessed by the Ghost.
d) She was shot.
e) Nothing.

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