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(~^*! 'Halloween' !*^~)

One day at school Principal Snyder cons and makes Buffy, Willow & Xander take a bunch of kids Trick-or-Treating. Buffy is so opposed to this idea, because she was going to have a quiet, peaceful night at home, just watching movies. But instead, she had to go trick-or-treating with a bunch of little kids. Buffy dresses up as a ditzy noble woman, who is very afraid of Vamps,witches,monsters,spiders, etc. Xander dresses up as a soldier who is strong, and stern. And Willow dresses as a skanky ho. But then puts a sheet over herself and goes as a ghost, because she was too shy to wear what she was wearing before. Then comes along Ethan an old friend and bandmate of Giles'. Ethan comes to Sunnydale and puts a curse on all of the costumes, on Halloween night. On Halloween, all of the people who are wearing Ethan's costumes will turn into exactly what their costumes are. Kinda freaky eh?

Review: I like this episode! It was purdy good! Very enjoyable, the sudden transformation of Buffy, a tough Slayer, turning into a weak, scared, noble woman was truly funny! The part that was cute was when Oz was in his van and saw Willow walking. And, I'm sure that every hardcore Spike fan out there must agree with me, and say that he looked real good!

Rating: * * * * * * * * (8)

My Two Cents: How did Ethan know that Buffy was the Slayer? And that Giles lived in Sunnydale?