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"Some Assembly Required"
Along time ago a star football player named Darryl died in a freak-mountain climbing accident. His brother(Scott), and Eric, his friend, brought Darryl back to life, using other people's body parts. Darryl didn't want to be alone, so he asked his brother to make him a partner, a soul mate, a woman for Darryl, if you will. So they did, three girls died in a car accident, and Scott, and his friend dug up their bodies, and cut them up, and only kept some of their parts. Morbid much? Yeah! One night Angel and Buffy were arguing, (as usual). She was walking and fell in an empty grave, and saw a shoe, and dragging marks. The next day, at school, she told Giles, and the Slayerettes, about what she found, and they either confirmed it to be a Zombie, or a flesh eating Demon. It was Science Fair week at school, and Willow and Scott were talking about the science fair, Cordy, and Buffy went to go see Willow, and Eric was taking pictures of them, and the other girls at school. Later that night, Darryl looked at all of the pictures that were taken, and he picked Cordy's face. Scott was opposed to this because the body parts of the girls that were used to make Darryl's woman were all dead. And Cordy is not dead, she's very much alive. Also, Giles, Buffy, Willow, and Xander went to the graveyard to investigate more about the missing girls. So, they dug up their graves, and found nothing, and they conformed it to be the Zombies. After cheerleading practise was done, Cordy was lecturing two other cheerleaders, while walking towards her car. She heard a noise, and footsteps, and started to panic, and run faster to her car. She dropped her keys under the car, and tried to reach for them, she couldn't so she ran into a back alley, and got into a garbage dumpster, and hid in there. The person who was following her was Angel. She got out of the dumpster, and reached for his shoulder, as she was getting out, something caught on to her skirt, she picked it up and saw it was a hand. She started to scream, and they found even more women's body parts. They went to the library and met up with Buffy and them. Angel told them what they found, and now Giles, doesn't know what's going on. Zombies? Or a flesh eating Zombie? Or some way sick people who like body parts? So they all went to go check all of the students locker's out to see if they had anything to do with the missing parts. They opened Scott's locker and found out his sick, plans; they also found the blueprint of the woman. So, Buffy went over to Scott's house to investigate more. She snuck downstairs to the basement, and found the body, and the pictures taken, and found out that Cordy's head, will be used. Darryl was in the background hiding from Buffy. She heard a noise coming from upstairs, and she quickly left through the window. In the locker room Cordy was getting ready for the big game, and she was attacked by Eric, and Darryl, they wrapped her up in a big sack. And tried to kidnapp her. But, Buffy got there, and beat up the weird friend. Darryl somehow escaped, and hid under the bleachers. On a happier note, Giles and Ms. Calendar had their first date at the big game!! And Xander and Willow interupted them, and sat down. There was an intermission for the game, and Cordy went to go get a drink, Darryl and Eric kidnapped Cordy, for the second time, and took her back to the abandonned factory. Buffy talked to Scott and convinced him to take her to where Darryl was. He did, Cordy was tied to a surgical table, screaming her head off, and pleading with them to let her go. They didn't, and took the blindfold off her, and she saw that Darryl was alive, and she screamed even more louder. Just then Buffy and Scott arrived and tried to stop Darryl. When Buffy and Darryl were fighting, a fire broke loose, and Xander rescued Cordy, and right when Darryl was gonna kill Buffy, Scott pleaded with him not too, he looked over his shoulder and saw that the body of his "woman" was burning in the fire, and he jumped on the body, and both were burned. After that, Buffy and Angel were talking and she walked him home.

Review: This episode was kinda morbid, and a tad freaky, but, nonetheless, it was good. The fighting scenes are getting so better, as well as the story lines.

Rating: * * * * * * (6)

My Two Cents: Why did Scott want to bring back his older brother, Darryl? And why can't the Mother get over Darryl's "supposed" death? And what is Buffy's problem? There she is again bitching at Angel for being a Vampire. Like he can help it.