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(~^*! 'Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered' !*^~)

"Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered"
Buffy and Xander were in the graveyard taliking about how Xander is dating Cordelia, and he shows Buffy the necklace that he bought for Cordelia for Valentines Day. The next day at school, Cordy sees her 'cool' friends, only to find out that they are ignoring her for dating Xander. So she thinks to herself, Xander? or my friends? And of course, this being Cordelia and all, she picks her friends. Later that night, at the Bronze, there was a special Valentines Day Dance there. So, naturally every teenager in Sunnydale was definetely going to be there. In walks Cordy, and she sees Xander, and Xander looked very hot. So they started to talk, and he gave her, the gift. She accepted it, and then told him that she wants to break up. He totally goes off on her, and she feels somewhat sad, and guilty. The next day at school, everyone is talking about Xander, and Cordy's break-up. So, Xander, feeling hurt, and angry talks to the school's witch, Amy. He asks her to put the 'Love Wammy' on Cordy, so that Cordy will eat, sleep, and breathe Xander. But, the spell backfired. And now every female in Sunnydale wants to make Xander their cuddle monkey. First Buffy comes onto him, literally. Then Willow does, pretty soon the whole school does to, even the lunch lady!! So, Xander had to rescue Cordy because she was being mauled, they went to hide in Buffy's house, and yes, Joyce Summers wanted Xander too. So they hid in the basement, trying to get away from all of the crazed girls. Giles, Jenny, and Amy were trying to undo the spell that Amy and Xander put on Cordy. They weren't getting much done, because Jenny, and Amy were fighting over Xander, and almost resorted to voodoo. Then Jenny leaves, to go find Xander. Finally, they found the undo spell, and undid the spell. In the basement of Buffy's house, everyone came to, and realized what had happened. The next day at school everyone remembered what had happened, and Cordy's 'cool' friends were especially pissed. Xander walked by them, and accidently bumped into Harmony, she totally spazed at him. Then Cordy spazed at her, and walked away with Xander, hand in hand.

Review: This episode is one of my favorites! It was very funny, and the storyline was absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed this episode. And I'm really glad that Cordy finally stuck up for Xander.

Rating: * * * * * * * * * (9)