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(~^*! 'Innocence' !*^~)

In the episode Surprise at the very end of the show, when ummm, they were like done, uhhh, well you know. Angel awakened, crawled outside in absolute pain, screamed for Buffy to hear him. But, unfortunately she was sleeping very peacefully, and did not hear Angel what-so-ever. Back outside, in thriving pain, Angel fell to his kness, fell on the hard, concrete surface face first. He looked up, and the old Angelus had returned! A lady who was smoking outside walked over to him, and went to see if he was alright. He said he was doing fine, he attacked her, fed on her and after that, he blew some smoke out of his mouth. The next morning Buffy went back to her house, changed, and went back to school. She asked everyone if they saw Angel, but no one did. Before Buffy found out what happened to him, she found that he was acting weird. His behavior and his attitude completely changed. That same day Angel went to the factory to see Dru and Spike, and told them that the old Angel is back. Dru was thrilled, and excited, and amazingly Spike was too. That night, Angel went back to the school, and told Willow to come to him. But before that, Xander and Cordy were kissing and Willow found out, and saw them. She was extremely pissed at Xander. But anyways, She walks over to Angel, not knowing that he has changed, and his Vamp face is on, Xander turns around, and Ms. Calendar approaches Angel with a cross, then she tells them that it's not the 'nice' Angel. Buffy comes and tries to fight Angel. He leaves, and pushes her down. That night she dreamt and relived the night that she made love to Angel. After that, she had another dream and realized that Ms. Calendar had something to do with Angel's change. The next day at school she goes into her classroom, and attacks Ms. Calendar, grabs her throat, and throws her on her computer desk. Then Jenny tells everyone about the curse that, If Angel achieved one true moment of happiness, the old Angel would return. And then she told all of them that she came to Sunnydale to watch and seperate Angel and Buffy. Buffy was mad as hell, and Giles felt betrayed by Jenny. Jenny suggested that she could take Buffy to see her Uncle, but when they got there, Angel and his Vamps already killed him. And Angel left a nice little message on the wall for Buffy. He was playing a lot of Mind Games with her. The Judge was done 'preparing' and regained all of his strength back. Dru and Angel, and some other Vamps, took him to the movie theater. But before that, Buffy and the Scooby Gang they to figure out a way to kill the Judge. Because "No weapon forged can kill the Judge" So, Xander had an idea to go to the Army Base in Sunnydale and get this big rifle for Buffy, to kill the Judge. Willow, Oz, Xander, and Cordy went to go it. They took Oz's van. Xander and Cordy snuck in, and retrieved it, while this was happening Willow and Oz were talking, and that's kinda how they're relationship started. Xander and Cordy got the rifle, loaded it in the van, and went to the movies. This was Oz's idea, because if the Judge had to feed on people, he needed a place which would be full of people; alas, the movie theater! Buffy, and the Scooby Gang, we there, and then The Judge, Angel, Dru, and some Vamps, arrived. The Judge did his thang, but then Buffy shot him with an arrow. Then she took out the rifle and shot The Judge with it. Angel and Drucilla jumped over the balcony. Then Angel took off, and the Slayerettes had to collect pieces of The Judge. Angel and Buffy had one helluva fight, which ended by Buffy kicking him, 'where the good Lord split him' If ya know what I mean?

Review: This episode is so sad! *sniffle* the old Angel is back. And poor Spike was in a wheel chair. But, anywhooo, This is such a spectacular episode! Truly amazing! This is one of my favorites. And poor Buffy, had to fight the Judge, and deal with Angel's sudden change. :o(

Rating: * * * * * * * * * * (10)