Cordelia Chase Quotes

"Las Palmas was the nightmare resort.  They order you around and make you have organized 'fun'.  And I use sarcastic quote marks.  Plus the fact there are cockroaches in Mexico big enough to own property.  It was all about dread." ~~*Anne.

Cordelia: "He didn't meet anybody over the summer, did he?  No, who would he meet in Sunnydale, but monsters and stuff?  But then again, he's always been attracted to monsters.  How's my hair?"
Willow: "Still good." ~~*Anne.

"Maybe he's forgotten me.  Well, I'll just have to make him remember." ~~*Anne.

"Why do I have to be bait?  I'm always bait.  Why can't Willow be bait?" ~~*Anne.

Xander: "How long did it take you to forget me? Were you taxiing down the runway, or was it actually in the cab?"
Cordelia: "Oh yeah, Mr. Faithful!  You probably met up with some hot little Inca mummy girl.  Yeah, I heard about her." ~~*Anne.

"Nice pet, Giles.  Don't you like anything regular?  Golf, USA Today, or anything?" ~~*Dead Man's Party.

Cordelia: "I'm the dip."
Xander: "Uh, you gotta' admire the purity of it."
Cordelia: "What?  Onion dip.  Stirring, not cooking.  It's what I bring." ~~*Dead Man's Party.

Xander: "Well, I hate brie."
Cordelia: "I know.  It smells like Giles' cat."
Giles: "It's not my --!" ~~*Dead Man's Party.

Giles: "Cordelia, it's me!  It's me!"
Cordelia: "How do we know it's really you and not zombie Giles?"
Giles: "Cordelia, do stop being tiresome."
Cordelia: "It's him." ~~*Dead Man's Party.

Cordelia: "Oh, you mean 'cause of how the only guy that ever liked her turned into a vicious killer and had to be put down like a dog?"
Xander: "Can she cram complex issues into a nutshell or what?" ~~*Hope, Faith, & Trick.