Welcome to the Stakes Up Buffy Crossovers!

(^~*Welcome to the Stakes Up Buffy Crossovers*~^)

Buffy's Creek

Spoof of Dawson's Creek.

Buffy and the gang decide to move to Cape Side because the Hellmouth swalloed Sunnydale, which is now in ruins. Buffy and Dawson first meet and it was love at first sight. A jealous Joey decides to make Dawson jealous by hooking up with Oz. The next day Joey is pronounced dead because werewolf Oz ate her. Then they put Oz to sleep. Jen celebrates Joey's death and tries to get Dawson back with the help of Abby. But they didn't succeed and Buffy beats them to a bloody pulp. So Jen finds love and comfort in Xander's arms, making Cordy very jealous and angry. Cordy then thinks to herself, that two can play at this game. She sleeps with Mitch Leary (Dawson's daddy); because he wants an "open marriage". Mrs. Leary finds out and has another affair, but this time with Giles. Ms. Calendar's ghost comes back to haunt the both of them. Willow feeling very devastated and sad becomes a sex machine and hooks up with Pacey because of Oz's death, and Xander is now Jen's "property". And, Jack quits working at the Ice House, and elopes with Faith to Vegas, and now carves stakes for a living.

Buffy's Place

Spoof of Melrose Place.

Party of Buffy

Spoof of Party of Five.

The Buffy Bunch

Spoof of the Brady Bunch.

Wheel of Buffy

Spoof of Wheel of Fortune.


Spoof of Baywatch.

Buffy 90210

Spoof of Beverly Hills 90210.

Married with Buffy

Spoof of Married with Children.

The Buffy Files

Spoof of the X-Files.

Ally McBuffy

Spoof of All McBeal.

Mad About Buffy

Spoof of Mad About You.

Days of our Buffy Lives

Spoof of Days of our Lives.

Buffy the Teenage Witch

Spoof of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.